That Drawing is Yours If...

Any of the available drawings is yours, if you do any of the following in exchange. You only need to document it and send it to me. 

  • ·       Read 70 pages that I’ll assign for you. Or, I might ask you to watch or listen to six hours of a lecture/audio/movie. Either way you will be quizzed about it.

    ·       Donate portion of your income(Salary^1.5/50,000) to one of the causes listed here: NIAC which helps prevent the war with Iran. Planned Parenthood which helps protect my body rights. ACLU which protects my friends from getting kicked out of the country. You can also send it to some other nonprofits ( but check the institution with me first) As a proof, you’ll need to send me pay-stub/tax-return + donation receipt).

    ·       Help an elderly for six hours (just sitting in a same room with them doesn't count as help). You can be creative with how you choose to document this interaction. Run it with me before the activity.

    ·       If you have or had any types of cancer, I will give you a drawing as a gift. Just send me your diagnosis letter.

    ·       Go to a grocery store and pay two cashiers each $100; you can be creative on how you choose to document this, but run it with me before pursuing.

    ·       Teach me R, Python or Tableau for four hours (this only applies if you live in NYC and you are pretty good with these softwares).

    Feel free to send me exchange ideas. These are all I could come up with for now:)


1. Send me a message (I will try to check my email everyday:)) with the form below indicating which drawing you want to inquire & what activity you want to do in return. You should also tell me how you plan to document your exchange activity.

2. I will let you know within 72 hours if the work is available for exchange. If the work is available, you will have seven days from the time I sent you the "confirmation email," to complete the task, and you will have ten days to send me the proof of activity. 

3. Once you send me the proof, the work will be shipped to you within a week. And you should pay for the shipping (on my side I am paying for the magnetic photo pockets that will keep the drawing safe while on your way:))

4. If you fail to send me the proof within ten days of the confirmation email, the drawing is not on hold for you anymore.


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It would be probably easier sorting things out over the phone- as long as you live in US.